Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Rainy St. Luke's Women's Fitness Walk

Note to self...when purchasing a stroller and they offer you the rain cover, always take them up on it because you just never know. Yes we were just three of the many women who braved the rain to participate in the annual St. Luke's Women's Fitness Race, however, had it been raining when we left the house we probably would have just stayed home. Luckily I always have an umbrella in the car and because it was so chilly that morning I put in extra blankets for the girls and left them in their footy pajamas. It was quite the site though with the rain pouring down and crowds of women, children and strollers trying to find a little shelter while waiting for the race to start. My girls did really well waiting for the race to start, all things considering, but as the race got started I quickly realized that this was going to be just too long of a walk for the girls and after just a couple of blocks we turned off to head back to the parking garage where we had parked. It was a bummer not to do the race completely, but as we got back to the car and I realized how soaked I was (all the way down to my underwear) I wasn't so sad. After all there is always next year!!

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Satterlees said...

Woohoo for trying! My lazy butt was at home snuggled in blankets haha