Monday, November 3, 2008


What a fun Halloween!! Our fun started the night before when we carved our pumpkins. Chloe wanted to draw all over the pumpkins instead of carve them, but we told her that if we didn't carve them then we wouldn't be able to put fire in them. Her mind quickly changed...who doesn't want to put fire in a pumpkin? Hailee was cute...she watched from her high chair until we were done with the carving and then we let her loose. Like typical Hailee as soon as she got a hold of the pumpkin it went straight to her mouth. At least she recognizes food.

Halloween night was fun...Chloe was a girl scarecrow and Hailee was a lamb. I was a little bummed because the scarecrow hat that came with the costume didn't fit Chloe's head so we had to go without. Oh well what can you do? We started in Meridian with Chloe and Hailee's cousins Makayla and Alee. The kids did a trunk or treat at the neighborhood park...what a great thing for's fast and easy and the kids don't know the difference. After the trunk or treat we headed in to Star to see their other cousins Trinity and Zoe. We went around my parent's neighborhood for a bit and after only a couple of blocks Chloe handed us her candy bucket and said "I'm done!" and that was the end of that.

I love how Chloe gets more and more in to the Holidays every year! Hope you all had a Great Halloween!!