Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hailee is Crawling!

This is a couple weeks behind, but our little Hailee is crawling!! About three or four weekends ago she finally put it together and took off in a matter of hours. It's funny how you anticipate it for so long and then boom, it just happens. She is so proud of herself and since that weekend she has figured out how to climb the stairs. YIKES! We have yet to find a baby gate that we trust at the top of the stairs so you have to be watching her at all times. We don't totally keep her away from them because she does need to learn how to go up and down them, but it is the rule that Mommy and/or Daddy have to be present for her to climb. She thinks it's funny to try and sneak away toward the stairs and when she sees one of us coming she tries to hurry as fast as she can to get to them. It's cute!! It's amazing how with the freedom of mobility comes their personality. She definitely isn't a little baby any more...:(

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