Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Milestones!

So for us Simpson's Tuesday Aug. 26, 2008 was a pretty big day. Our little Chloe Dawn is now a full fledged pre-schooler. Tuesday was Chloe's first day of pre-school at Miss Carolanne's pre-school and she absolutely loves it. Our daughter isn't the one that cries when you drop her off...nope, she's the one crying because she has to go home and can't stay and eat lunch and spend the rest of the day with the daycare kids. Which is fine with me because I would rather it this way and it is a great way of letting me know that she likes it. Everyday we ask her what she did at pre-school and she says "I played and I learned". It never fails that is always her answer. We've started to make our questions more specific. It is so fun to watch Chloe be so excited about school and meeting new friends. She thinks it's pretty cool that there is a girl in her class named "Makayla" just like her cousin. She tells us "Mom, Dad there's another Makayla! I think that's five of them"! Well, it's not quite five but we do know a lot of Makayla's. So we are off and running with pre-school and we have a little girl who couldn't be more happy and of course that make's Mommy and Daddy happy as well...emotional, but happy! Our second milestone of the day was that Hailee turned 9 months old and has figured out how to get herself from one place to another...whether it be scooting backwards or rolling she doesn't care just as long as she gets where she wants. I set her down in the middle of the living room by the coffee table and stepped just outside of the garage door to grab something and when I came back in she had gotten herself about five feet away from the coffee table and had found my basket of smelly pinecones. When I caught her she just looked up at me and gave me a huge grin and a look that said "What?". I just can't believe how fast these girls are growing up. I love it because they are just so fun and interactive and we just have such a good time together, but at the same time I'm trying to take in every moment and remember it exactly as it is. I just don't want to miss a thing! Anyway, it's been a great week and I am so proud of my girls, they are definitely the best things to have happened to us!!


Amber 'N' Dan said...

Wow I feel like I was just on here and you only had like two posts. YOu have been busy. They grow up so is sad. Hailee has so much hair. That is unreal. Have you been putting the bows in the ponytail? We do that with Zina and as long as we can keep her occupied she will leave them in. Anyways, looks like you guys are having a great summer.....well end of summer. Hope all is well.

Satterlees said...

Hey Dawn your blog is so freakin cute! I don't know what your talking about saying it's not but it is so adorable. Hooray now we can keep in close contact and possibly even get together!!hehe

Clint & Ainslee said...

Dawn! I finally got you guys to add to my friends list, so now I can check out your blog! Your kids are stinking cute! I love Hailee's little rolls!