Thursday, February 25, 2010


Let me just start by saying my house is looking so amazing right now...I am so proud of myself! I am very excited because I seriously thought people were crazy when toward the end of their pregnancy they say "oh my goodness I am totally nesting right now"...what???...never once with either of my first pregnancies did I nest. I completely get it now...I get the is real! This has made me so...just...happy and I have no idea why, but it is a great feeling and I can't wait to bring this little bundle of goodness wrapped in my tummy home with me. I also went with my friend Ashley to Babies R Us the other day and registered for some things because my Mom mentioned wanting to throw me a baby shower. It just feels like things are lining up right now and it is taking A LOT of stress and weight off my shoulders!
Anyway, thanks for listening to that little rant...I had to share my excitement!

Kami's Day

This last Saturday I went to the most amazingly decorated baby shower I think I have ever been to. It was for my dear friend Kami who is expecting her second baby at the end of March. The theme was "Love you Baby" and everything was red and white and hearts and sparkles and it really just looked like an extension of Valentine's Day!! It was amazing and so it definitely deserved to be blogged about!! Besides the decorations though, it truly was a fun shower with great food and great company! Kami came away with so much stuff and I believe she truly deserves it. She is an amazing mom to her daughter and is going to be just as amazing with her son. We love you Kam!!

The treat candy jars, iced heart sugar cookies on the table and then more sugar cookies in cute little goody bags hanging from the little tree there. Sooooo cute! To the left in the window seal were little candy boxes and for favors you just grabbed a box and filled it with candy and cookies! Oh and all the candy was red and white as well...darling!!
The food tables

Malia and Chloe...Malia is Kami's daughter and Chloe just loves to play with her.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Madness...Terren's Baby Shower!

A couple of weekends ago our cousin, Terren, who lives in California, came to town and we threw her a baby shower since all of her mom's side of the family is here...that's us, HAHA! This is Terren's first baby and we are all so excited for her and her husband, Bob! They are going to be great parents and you can truly tell how excited they are as well! The new little baby boy who will be named "Collin" is expected to arrive at the end of's getting close. It was so fun though to talk and catch up with Terren and to get to see her all cute and pregnant and we are all anxiously awaiting the call letting us know she is in labor. Congratulations Ter...we love you!!

The cute Mama

The blanket Great Grandma make for Collin

Terren and Aunt Patty

The Three Amigas

Winter Fun!!

It seems like winter has come and gone already!! I am a lover of winter...just the thought of snuggling up in a warm winter sweater with a warm blanket makes me excited. I love to be all bundled up out in the cold and breathe in the cold, fresh air. Then of course there is the fun activities such as going up to our family's cabin and sledding and warming by the fire with Hot Cocoa afterwards...I just love it!! It has definitely not been long enough for me, but I guess I can't control the weather. Here are few things we have done in the last couple of monts...

We got all dressed up for a winter wedding...some friends from church got married in January and so the girls wanted to wear a more formal type of dress. So I let them and did their hair to match. I think they were on top of the moon to be all dressed up and they did look beautiful!!

We went ice skating with Brian's side of the family and it was the first time ice skating for both the fun! Next time though Mom can't be pregnant because Dad had to handle both girls on ice in ice skates and it was a workout for him!! They did great and had a good time anyway!!

Look at how little the ice skates are...sooooo cute!!

Monkeying around at home. Chloe likes to let Hailee ride horse on her back, but Hailee can't herself up all the way on to Chloe's back so she just lays on her back and walks as Chloe crawls. It's the funniest thing to watch and we are all usually rolling on the floor with laughter!!

Some good friends of ours ended up moving to Alaska and so we went and had a "goodbye" dinner with them and let all the kids play. Our kids get along so well was so sad to say "goodbye". However, you will see how goofy they are together because I couldn't get a good picture to save my life. This first picture is of the two two years olds...they are a week apart and they have the same name. For such good friends their Mom's never once talked about names...Crazy!!
Hailey and Hailee...they don't like to share, but they truly do love each other!

The older ones...Makenzie, Chloe, and Tucker

Trying to get a decent picture

The girls!!

We are really bad, but we have only made it to our family's cabin once this year and it was for only one! It was a blast for the girls though and I can't wait until next year when Mom can slide down the hill with far this year Dad has got to have all the fun with them. So here are just a few pictures from the cabin...the sledding, their snowman, the snow cave, their snow angels and then our Aunt, Uncle and cousin showed up as well.

Chloe's 5th Birthday...Holy Crap!!

I can not believe that I have a 5 year old!! So many things are going to change this year and I'm not sure if I'm ready emotionally to handle them...just kidding we'll make do. I promised Chloe that when she turned 5 that she could have a "friend" birthday party and she could invite all the kids in her preschool. So we did just that and we had the party at Chicago Connection Pizza where Mom wouldn't have to clean up the mess...yay!! It was very hard for me to put the party together because of course she is a very girly girl and wanted a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, but there were going to be boys there too and I wanted them to have a good time as well. I ended doing just one game and it was pin the jewel on Strawberry's crown and then for favors I just did little bags of candy...yes, I'm sure their parents loved me! However, like I was afraid of it just wasn't neutral enough because I heard about it from the boys...they're 5 they're going to be brutally honest. I do think they had a good time though because everyone left with a big, sticky, slobbery smile on their face...awwww good times!

Chloe right before blowing out her candles


Blowing out candles

Chloe and Olivia showing off their cupcake smiles


Chowing down

Easton and Yale...Yale is Chloe's absolute favorite, it's so funny!!



The whole Birthday gang!
To my little, girly 5 year old princess...I can't believe how you've grown! I look at you and still see the tiny little baby you used to be, but at the same time I see this little girl who has shed all that is baby and turned into such a beautiful, spunky, independent, outgoing, friendly person. My hope for this year is that you take all that is you and run with will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and I can't wait to see the school girl side of you. The side that has to deal with her own struggles on the playground or in the classroom and her own triumphs as well. Always knowing that Mom and Dad are right there if you ever need us to lean on or talk to. You will also become a big sister again! It will be so fun to see you welcome our new little baby into our home. It will be so different from when Hailee came home because you are much older now and actually want to help and be a part of everything...I can't wait to see that! We love you so much and have an amazing 5th year!! ~Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love all the sights, sounds and feelings that come with it and now that I am a MOM I love how absolutely excited my girls get about the holiday. We are lucky because all of our family live near and so there is no traveling involved which makes for a less stressful holiday experience...I guess! It was very low key for us...had our own Christmas in the "early" morning (did I tell you how excited my kids get for Christmas), went and had Christmas with Brian's family in the late morning, came home made sure the over excited, over sugared little people got a nap, and then went to Christmas dinner at my parent's house. It was probably our best Christmas to date because we weren't trying to see everybody all in one day and dragging the kids from place to place which makes them so happy. Now to make it better would be to make everyone come to our house because after all we're the ones with little one...right?? Anyway, here are some fun photos from our Christmas 2009!!

I always read "The Night Before Christmas" to the girls before bed

The girls deep in our story...whoa the flash works!!

Our Christmas tree and presents Christmas morning

The girls ready to come down the stairs

Opening their stockings
Opening their presents from Santa

Oops sideways...Hailee opening gifts

Chloe's new Strawberry Shortcake doll...the hair smells like strawberries

Cousin Alee

Daddy helping Hailee with presents

The "big girls" with their new CD players

Simpson side...Grandpa and Grandma and the Granddaughters

Simpson kids and Grandkids

Cousin Makayla

Chloe...happy as a clam

Chloe practicing her photography skills

Our cute little family Christmas morning...can you tell the girls were done with taking pictures?

Daddy and Hailee

Sammie Jo and her Christmas T-shirt

Cousin Trinity

Hailee and her new motorcycle...when all the grandkids turn 2 my parents get them a motorized toy and this year was Hailee's turn!

Martin Grandkids

Great Nana, Grandma, Daughters and Granddaughters...three generations!