Monday, August 17, 2009

Chipped Tooth!!

Poor Hailee! Her accident prone nature has caught up to her. Hailee and Chloe stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa Simpson's house the night of our anniversary and the next morning she had taken a fall, but Grandma looked her over and didn't see any blood and the crying had subsided so off to playing she went. When we picked them up and loaded them in the car I bent over to pick something up and when I stood up Hailee gave me this big grin and to my surprise half of her tooth was missing. Grandma felt so bad and you could tell she was a little shaken, but things happen...especially when it comes to Hailee. We had the dentist look it over and it can be fixed, but it would require going to the hospital and having her put under and you know, even though I don't really like the way it looks, it's not worth putting her under anesthesia. So we'll wait a couple years until she is old enough to sit in the dentist chair to get it fixed. Accidents happen and Grandma, don't worry about anything...we love you!

Hailee's tooth
You can't see it very well here, but it's a cute picture!

Swimming Lessons!

I was going through pictures and totally forgot about swimming lessons! This year was Chloe's first year in swimming lessons...YEAH! She did so amazing and to my surprise was a huge fish! The only thing we need to work on for next year is her listening skills, she wouldn't stay on the step that the little ones were supposed to stay on while the teacher was working with the other students. Chloe just wanted to bob in and out of the water...spaz! Anyway, she did great and graduated with flying colors to the next class. Good job my little mermaid!!

Chloe playing in the kiddie pool on the last day

Chloe and Alee waiting in line to go down the slide

Chloe got to take swim lessons with her cousin Alee

Chloe with her teacher Miss Leah

My little Mermaid
We spent a week chasing Hailee around the pool...I can't wait until they're both in lessons

Chloe's back float

Chloe and Alee

Chloe floating on her tummy with her face in the water...good girl!

My baby girl