Saturday, October 4, 2008

Proud Chloe!

It's has been amazing to me the difference in Chloe since starting pre-school. It's like she has grown up over night. Even how she treats Hailee is different, more mothering than usual. Chloe still absolutely loves pre-school and comes home every day and pulls her school work out to show us what she has done. They are still working on their colors, but recently they have started to learn how to use scissors. This makes me a little nervous, but the fact that we only own chicken sheers calms my nerves a lot! I am very impressed with how well she can cut though. Everything she brings home is cut practically right on the line and you can definitely tell what shape it is. I'm am just constantly amazed by my little girl and am so proud of her! We are anxiously awaiting her very first field trip which will be a trip to the pumpkin patch and yes she can not stop talking about it and wants to be told several times a day when they will be going...stay tuned for that adventure!


Clint & Ainslee said...

Hey Dawn! How's life without work - I know I'm enjoying it, too bad that mine is only temporary! Anyway, will you e-mail your address to me at Thanks!

Amber 'N' Dan said...

How cute! That must be so much fun. I cannot wait until Zina starts school so I can just watch her grow and learn like that. Actually I can wait...I kinda like where she is right now, but I am still excited for that! You have a beautiful beautiful family!