Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Fun!!

It seems like winter has come and gone already!! I am a lover of winter...just the thought of snuggling up in a warm winter sweater with a warm blanket makes me excited. I love to be all bundled up out in the cold and breathe in the cold, fresh air. Then of course there is the fun activities such as going up to our family's cabin and sledding and warming by the fire with Hot Cocoa afterwards...I just love it!! It has definitely not been long enough for me, but I guess I can't control the weather. Here are few things we have done in the last couple of monts...

We got all dressed up for a winter wedding...some friends from church got married in January and so the girls wanted to wear a more formal type of dress. So I let them and did their hair to match. I think they were on top of the moon to be all dressed up and they did look beautiful!!

We went ice skating with Brian's side of the family and it was the first time ice skating for both the girls...so fun! Next time though Mom can't be pregnant because Dad had to handle both girls on ice in ice skates and it was a workout for him!! They did great and had a good time anyway!!

Look at how little the ice skates are...sooooo cute!!

Monkeying around at home. Chloe likes to let Hailee ride horse on her back, but Hailee can't herself up all the way on to Chloe's back so she just lays on her back and walks as Chloe crawls. It's the funniest thing to watch and we are all usually rolling on the floor with laughter!!

Some good friends of ours ended up moving to Alaska and so we went and had a "goodbye" dinner with them and let all the kids play. Our kids get along so well together...it was so sad to say "goodbye". However, you will see how goofy they are together because I couldn't get a good picture to save my life. This first picture is of the two two years olds...they are a week apart and they have the same name. For such good friends their Mom's never once talked about names...Crazy!!
Hailey and Hailee...they don't like to share, but they truly do love each other!

The older ones...Makenzie, Chloe, and Tucker

Trying to get a decent picture

The girls!!

We are really bad, but we have only made it to our family's cabin once this year and it was for only one night...boo! It was a blast for the girls though and I can't wait until next year when Mom can slide down the hill with them...so far this year Dad has got to have all the fun with them. So here are just a few pictures from the cabin...the sledding, their snowman, the snow cave, their snow angels and then our Aunt, Uncle and cousin showed up as well.

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