Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hailee's Birthday!

I have so much updating to do it's CRAZY!! So we will start here...This year Hailee's 2nd Birthday landed on Thanksgiving day. My poor kids and their holiday birthdays...anyway, it was a busy day full of turkey, but that evening we buckled down after dinner at my parents house and celebrated complete with a butterfly cake and presents. The nice thing about this age is that it doesn't have to big and glamorous for them to feel special, and they don't even remember it within a couple days. It is still amazing how fast time has gone by with the second child. It really just doesn't seem like it's been two years and it kind of makes me sad to think that I have to actually pull out pictures to jog my memory of her infant days.

I love my baby girl and we want to wish her the best year ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILEE!!

The Butterfly cake...yes the candles are where you think they are...oops on my part, that was totally unintentional!
My big Birthday Girl...love you bugga!

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Clint, Ainslee, & Carlee said...

Happy Birthday Hailee! I can't believe she's that big already! Nice cake, I did notice the candle placement, but wasn't going to say anything, so I'm glad you know! : )