Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love all the sights, sounds and feelings that come with it and now that I am a MOM I love how absolutely excited my girls get about the holiday. We are lucky because all of our family live near and so there is no traveling involved which makes for a less stressful holiday experience...I guess! It was very low key for us...had our own Christmas in the "early" morning (did I tell you how excited my kids get for Christmas), went and had Christmas with Brian's family in the late morning, came home made sure the over excited, over sugared little people got a nap, and then went to Christmas dinner at my parent's house. It was probably our best Christmas to date because we weren't trying to see everybody all in one day and dragging the kids from place to place which makes them so happy. Now to make it better would be to make everyone come to our house because after all we're the ones with little one...right?? Anyway, here are some fun photos from our Christmas 2009!!

I always read "The Night Before Christmas" to the girls before bed

The girls deep in our story...whoa the flash works!!

Our Christmas tree and presents Christmas morning

The girls ready to come down the stairs

Opening their stockings
Opening their presents from Santa

Oops sideways...Hailee opening gifts

Chloe's new Strawberry Shortcake doll...the hair smells like strawberries

Cousin Alee

Daddy helping Hailee with presents

The "big girls" with their new CD players

Simpson side...Grandpa and Grandma and the Granddaughters

Simpson kids and Grandkids

Cousin Makayla

Chloe...happy as a clam

Chloe practicing her photography skills

Our cute little family Christmas morning...can you tell the girls were done with taking pictures?

Daddy and Hailee

Sammie Jo and her Christmas T-shirt

Cousin Trinity

Hailee and her new motorcycle...when all the grandkids turn 2 my parents get them a motorized toy and this year was Hailee's turn!

Martin Grandkids

Great Nana, Grandma, Daughters and Granddaughters...three generations!

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