Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hailee's First Ponytail

I know, I know three posts in one day, but I tell you we had a very busy week and a lot happened that has to be shared!
I can't believe how big my girls are getting. Chloe is starting preschool on Tuesday the 26th and that same day Hailee will already be 9 months old. It just seems like yesterday that we had Hailee let alone be only 3 months from her 1st birthday. I can't stand it and I have to stop thinking about because it makes me tear up everytime. Anyway...the girls and I were just getting ready for our day Friday and I was putting Chloe's hair up and I looked over at Hailee and she was just watching us. So I got to thinking after looking at her for a minute "she has so much hair...I could probably make a ponytail in her hair". Sure enough after fighting with her movements for a few minutes there was a ponytail sticking straight up in the air. She looked so cute and she new it because Chloe and I were just gushing over her. Here it is another milestone reached!

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