Sunday, August 24, 2008

Western States Police/Fire Games 2008

Last Sunday a ceremony unveiling the new Idaho Fallen Firefighter's Memorial kicked off the annual Police/Fire Games. It was a beautiful ceremony complete with bag pipes and a fly over by 3 military helicopters (Sorry Dad I don't remember exactly what type of helicopters they were). It was an emotional ceremony and fourteen names were read of men who have lost their lives in the line of duty. It was really neat because on the statue little room was left for more names in hopes that no more names would have to be added. It was a sight to be seen with so many firemen in uniform and fire trucks and engines lining the street. I am so proud to be the daughter and wife of a firefighter.
There were so many sports/activities to participate in in these games it was unbelievable. This enabled guys to sign up for mulitple things and it allowed those local firemen who had to work a chance to participate as well. There were police and firemen from all over the western states. It was so awesome to see them all. Brian signed up for softball, which was enough because they played 3-4 games a day for three days! He says he hasn't been sore like that in a long time. I just laughed at him and called him an "Old Man". He says it was worth it because they ended up getting the Silver Medal for softball..."way to go BFD"! The girls loved going out and watching Daddy play softball! Granted the only time their attention was on the game was when Daddy was either up to bat or when Daddy was making a play in the field. Still being outside in the park for three days was a blast and I am sure Brian loved having his girls there. Here are some pictures of how Chloe and Hailee enjoyed the games...what a couple of goof balls.

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