Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Time!!

What a crazy summer it has been already!! From playing in the park to working on home improvements, summer is just flying by for us! Here are some pictures of the girls in the park which is usually a three times weekly event...especially now that the water is on...

Chloe teeter-tottering

Hailee playing peek-a-boo

Say cheese Chloe

Hailee wants to be a big girl soooo bad
Hey Chloe!!

At the end of May Brian participated in the annual "Fill the Boot" fundraiser. It was fun to take the girls out to see their Dad volunteering his time for a good cause. It's not so bad for Mom either...OMG, you've gotta love a man in uniform...Hottie!!

Chloe and Daddy

Yes, that one their belongs to me
Brian filling the boot...

Here is some more park play. There is a huge hill at one of the parks in Eagle and once you climb to the top you can walk along a dirt path around the perimeter of the whole park. It was fun and Hailee made it about a quarter of the way before needing a boost on Mom's shoulders.

Made it to the top

Walking along the trail

About the middle of May I did the annual Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. It was so much fun and I ran it for the first time and I am very proud to say I ran 3.1 miles in 29 min. 31 sec. I truly love this race and especially love the cause...I ran it in memory of my Aunt Amy, whom I miss dearly and in celebration of my Aunt Martha and Aunt Margy. Brian and the girls came down to watch me finish and I hope they were proud of their Mom because I sure was proud of myself!!

Big hug from Chloe after the race
Hailee enjoying the snacks
Mommy's girls

On May 13th, 2009 we helped welcome Gabriel Fidel Godina into the world. Gabriel is the 3rd child and only boy of Brian's cousin Tina and her husband Fernando. We were so excited to meet Gabriel...however Chloe and Hailee were more excited about the hospital room and the snacks in the snack machine. It was a fun visit though and it gives us hope that maybe one day we can have a boy...maybe!!

Gabriel Fidel Godina Hailee wasn't so sure about the whole sharing Mom's lap thing and Chloe just fell in love with him.
Baby Gabriel...definitely a Godina!!
Just like a lot of families the end of May and beginning of June were full of graduations! I think we had 6 either family or friends who were graduating this year. Most of them were local and we were able to either attend the graduation or the graduation party. However, there were a couple that were out of town and of those we were able to make it to one of them. So in the beginning of June we headed to Fallon, NV for my cousin, Kerry Lynne's, daughter, Ariel's graduation. We have quite a bit of family down there and so it was so nice to get to see everyone and catch up.
Shelby (my cousin) and Me
Me and Kelly (another cousin, Shelby's mom)
Ariel Jean- beautiful girl!!
Uncle Mike
Chloe and some new friends
Uncle Mike and Me
Ariel and Me
Chloe and some more new friends hangin' in the hot tub
My beautiful girl
Kerry Lynne rented sumo suits for Ariel's grad. party. They were hilarious! This is Kerry Lynne and her husband, Andy sumoing.
Kerry Lynne getting "it'll be okay" kisses from her dog, Charlie
Ariel, Hailee, and Shelby
When we got back home from Nevada we were thrust into Father's Day and Brian's mom's birthday and this is just a picture of Chloe and her cousins goofing around at our Happy Father's Day/Happy Birthday get together.
My niece Trinity just finished Kindergarden and had an end of the year program about all the things they learned this year. She did so well and she even got a speaking part that she had to memorize and recite in front of everyone! It's so fun to watch her grow up, she is so smart and we just love her to pieces!!
Jeff, Trinity, and Tana at Trinity's school program
I am so proud to say that I helped build this fence and doesn't it look GREAT! Like the perfect team we are Brian and I worked together to put this fence up. We had a blast and I'm really proud of us!!
Our new fence

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Whoa! Lots of information - that's great. Nice fence building skills, I'm impressed. Also, great job with the race for the cure, I probably would have died trying to run that far in that short of time!