Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If at first, or second or third, you don't succeed try try again...

Hey there!!

Yes, I am going to try this yet again!! I read all my friends' blogs and just laugh or cry my head off and I think what is wrong with you, you can do this too! So we'll try again and my goal is to blog once or twice a month or if by some miracle I have something on my mind maybe more than that! This post will be more of an update for everyone to catch up on what is going on in our we go...

Brian is just working away at the fire dept and of course still loving being a fireman! Last year he bought a lawn care company (you know for when he gets bored, haha) and so this year he had his first full season of mowing. He enjoys it, but I'm not sure if he really wants to continue doing it. The girls are getting older and he's really wanting to spend any extra time with them. I love his heart, he is such an amazing Dad!! He's also staying busy around the house, there is always a project he's working on here!!

I, for those of you who don't know, am expecting our fifth child (I know that confuses you all, but I consider the baby I lost in between Chloe and Hailee one of our children)!! Yes, our house will be one big mess of organized chaos and mushy, gushy love! I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for this little one! It's a little scary to think that we will have four little ones running around and I know it will be hard work, but oh...I can't wait! This pregnancy has by far been the toughest yet. I have now felt icky for almost eight weeks, by far the longest stretch of any of the other pregnancies. I do feel like we are on the up hill swing of things and I am now 13 1/2 weeks along, almost to that second trimester, wooohooo!! On top of all that the kids' schooling and activities keep going...I volunteer in Chloe's class once a week and try to help out with PTA functions as much as possible too. Both Chloe and Hailee are taking dance this year as well and so I am just a big, sick SUV driving Mom taxi for the two older ones!!

Chloe started 1st grade this year and LOVES it!! The best part...yep, RECESS!! The first week or two lunch at school was pretty cool too, but that has now gotten old, in fact we usually don't even eat an eighth of our lunch because we have to get out to recess!! She is doing really well in school though...reading like crazy, she LOVES math (just like her mom) and thinks science is pretty cool because she loves learning new things about the world around her. On top of school she is in dance for her fourth year and this year she is on a performing team! She is so excited about it, they get to start performing some time in January. A couple weeks ago she brought home her first pair of team sweats and the excitement on her face was the most memorable thing EVER!! It totally reminded me of my excitement the first time I got team sweats!! SOOOO Fun!! On Wednesday nights we go to church and she attends a club called AWANA. In Awana they learn about the Bible and it's truths and memorized Bible verses, they also have game time where they are in teams and play tons of games earning their team points!! She's having a blast and loves to learn and read the Bible, it is such an amazing blessing to see her heart for the Lord!! Last but not least she decided she needed to be a part of her schools JUMP ROPE CLUB, can we say slow down Chloe!! Chloe loves to jump rope and I didn't let her be a part of the club last year because she went to morning Kindergarten and jump rope club is after school and (this is bad) I didn't want to take her back to the school. So I promised her she could do it this year and it only runs from Oct. to the beginning of January. She is one busy little girl, but is having a blast with all her activities and Mom and Dad are definitely keeping an eye on her and making sure she isn't too overwhelmed!

Hailee started preschool this year with our favorite preschool teacher, Miss Carolanne!! She is doing so well, much to my surprise!! I was having some Mom guilt at the beginning of the year because when Chloe entered she could write and spell her name, she could recognise her letters and numbers and Hailee wasn't there yet. Miss Carolanne was so great with me and told me that this is where normal 3 year olds start and Chloe was just an exception to the rule and a first child (we all know that that first child gets all your attention unlike the other children down the line). Well, Hailee is writing and recognising her letters and numbers, her class is up to letter Ee. I'm so proud of her and she comes home and asks if we can do "homework" because she just loves to sit and practice those letters. It is such a joy to my heart to see her learning and writing. I of course knew she was so smart, but to see her learning so quickly is a beautiful thing! Hailee is in dance as well, this is her second year, and right now it's just more of a fun thing to do for her. We'll see as she gets older what she wants to do as an extracuricular. She also just celebrated her 4th Birthday last Saturday! I cannot believe she is 4, it just seems like it has gone by waaaay too fast. She is sweet and sassy and is turning in to such a beautiful little girl!!

Miss Addyson! Where do we start with her? She is 18 months old now and has a personality that you wouldn't believe! Definitely the loudest of the three, but when you're competing for everything the older girls want or have I guess you have to be! No, she really is a blessing to our family. She talks up a storm and has a vocabulary that reminds me of the other girls. All my girls talked so early and I LOVE it!! She still uses her sign language a bit and that helps her a lot! She is my snuggle bug and when she is having a rough day I really try and take advantage of just sitting and rocking with her, chores can definitely wait. Her favorite things are playing with her sisters, her lovey and helping Mom with laundry, yes, she loves to help me move clothes from the washer to the dryer and slamming the door tight! She is a joy for sure, but also takes after Hailee and can be very fiesty!!

Like I said above I will try and be better about blogging. I feel like there are so many people that I would love to keep in touch with better, but you know how life is so if I at least could keep this updated you all would have an idea of what was going on!!

So until next week...or sooner, who knows!! ;)


Howells Fam said...

Congratulations Dawn! I had heard you were pregnant, but it's fun to finally hear the news from you! Crossing my fingers for a boy... : )

Brian and Dawn said...

Awwww, thanks Ains!! You might need to cross more than your fingers, our track record isn't very good!! I miss you friend!