Monday, October 18, 2010

She's Here...6 months ago ;)!

Addyson Louise Simpson arrived May 19, 2010 and weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz and was 20 1/2 in. long. YAY! Okay so this is not news to everyone...haha...this happened 6 mos ago. I'm am the worlds worst blogger, but I wanted to at least have it on my blog so I could look back! Here's my story...

This pregnancy was probably the hardest of them all, I kept getting sick with all sorts of things, got two hernia's and was in labor for a week, but wouldn't progress because she was face up and stuck in my left hip. I was so excited because I thought I wouldn't need to be induced, I didn't have my high blood pressure issues of the past and was really looking forward to going in to labor on my own. I wanted the whole dramatic "Oh no my water broke" and I'm in the middle of the store or function of some sort, ya no, that didn't happen. The stinker decides to flip in the wrong position and get stuck. Therefore, yep, I had to be induced to get her unstuck. The induction went very normal, just sat there waiting for my body to kick in and once the pitocin got my contractions strong enough to push her by my hip my doctor came in and broke my water. Then, like my body does we sped past GO, didn't collect $200, didn't get an epidural (because some other lady decided to have an allergic reaction to stadol and be rushed in to an emergency c-section, which took away the anesthetist) and pushed that face up little girl out with some of the loudest screams I have ever heard out of myself. I felt so embarassed afterward, but if you ever want to know if it hurts worse when the baby is face up vs. face down...YES!!! All was well though and we have our beautiful 3rd baby girl here and she is amazing! Here are our photos of our hospital stay!!

Last preggo shot...look how huge I got...YIKES!

Brian got to deliver Addyson with the help of Dr. Agrusa...note: if you decide to let your husband deliver your baby make sure you have someone assigned to hold your other leg...not having a leg holder was probably the most annoying part of the whole delivery.

She's out!!

Proud Daddy and great Pseudo Doctor

Addyson and I meeting for the first time...she's telling me how bad it was and I was agreeing with her.


"Hey Dad...thanks for helping me get out, your awesome!"

No pictures please...I need a moment!

Getting all my gentle with my head!

Meeting the BIG sisters...they were so cute!

Addyson was the first G.Granddaughter that Nana and GG got to see in the hospital. We were so happy they were down from the cabin.

Aunt Sara meeting Addyson

Meagan got to do her first bath

Awwww...I needed this!

All clean and gorgeous!

Aunt Martha was in town and got to be here for her delivery...third times a charm!

Me and my girls...oh goodness, someone should have handed me a mirror before I took all these pictures...YIKES!

Makayla and Alee meeting Addyson

Getting dressed to go home

This is a picture from our photo shoot we had at the hospital. The hospital didn't have picture people any more so Addyson and I had our own photo shoot...not bad, eh!

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