Monday, October 18, 2010's been a while...oops!

As most of you know things have been A LOT better since the last post entitled "Overwhelmed". I'm so sorry it has been over six months since I last wrote anything, not that I think many people are reading, but sorry any way...haha!

Besides waiting for the arrival of Addyson our spring was full of fun. Chloe played T-Ball for the first time and had a blast! Her only complaint..."why doesn't the ball come to me every time?". Ultimately she became quite the little hitter and ended up really enjoying it. Here she is right before her first practice, like the pose?

Of course sister had to jump in.

In the last post you learned of our car accident. Our poor van was hit while sitting in front of my in-laws house. After just a couple of weeks we found a new vehicle and here it is pictured below. We love it and we will be able to fit our family in it comfortably and we will also be able to expand our family in it as well! Our 2000 GMC's so pretty!

The one thing I desperately wanted to get done before the baby was born was to move the girls into the same room. It was so important to me that Hailee be totally comfortable not only in a big girl bed, but in her sister's room before Addyson arrived. Things worked out and they love being roommates, it also made bed time sooooo much easier on Brian and I because they are eager to get us out of there so they can talk and giggle. I love how cute they are!

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Kristi said...

So cute are ur girls! I'm looking forward to our girls sharing a room so thanks for posting that it went well that eases my nerves! Oh and love ur pimp ride!