Saturday, November 14, 2009

12 weeks

Hey my precious little lime...I can't believe you are already the size of a lime!! I hope you are staying strong and growing and developing well. You have so many milestones this will start bending your fingers and toes, clenching your eyes tight, and making sucking movements with your mouth. Those are all called Reflexes. You will also be able to feel me poking and prodding my belly to get you to squirm although I won't be able to feel you thing I can't wait for!!

Your sisters are so excited for you to come...mostly Chloe because Hailee still isn't quite old enough to understand what is going on. Chloe goes around telling everyone that she has a baby brother growing inside her Mommy's tummy! Right now we don't know if you are a boy or girl, but don't worry she won't be upset if you turn out to be a girl...she loves all babies!!

Keep growing healthy and strong my precious one! We love you so much!!


Here is my lovely belly at 12 weeks. Just as a land mark (because this is my first belly picture), you can kind of see the mole on my hip, that is where my belly started. It wasn't tight and tone because I've had two kids, but it was flat. So basically for twelve weeks I'm huge!!


Clint, Ainslee, & Carlee said...

Oh, your belly is so cute! I'm excited that we're so close - I'm 9 weeks and some change right now (but since we'll be delivering early, they'll be really close!).

Anonymous said...

It looks so amazing to see the baby's progress. Congratulations guys! Just don't forget to get some treatment for the morning sickness week four through six so you can more time to enjoy pregnancy.