Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chloe's First Day of PreSchool 2009

Oh man the first day of PreSchool or should I say the first day of the countdown to Kindergarten. Mommy and Daddy were teary and Chloe was jumping off the walls with excitement and this is just preschool. I can't imagine what next year will hold...yikes! Anyway, Chloe had a great first day of school and she was so excited to see Miss Carolanne. When Chloe saw her she jumped right in her arms and I think they hugged each other for a good two minutes. She just loves Miss Carolanne and missed her like crazy this summer. So here starts her last year of preschool and make sure and check our blog because all the fun will be written about right here. Now for some pictures of our morning...yes Mom was a little crazy with the camera. Sorry the pictures are out of order, I downloaded them backwards.

Chloe and Miss Carolanne's BIG hug!!

Chloe's backpack mat

Chloe putting her backpack on her mat

Chloe walking up the driveway to Miss Carolanne's house

Chloe walking down the side walk to go up to Miss Carolanne's

Chloe in front of the house before we left

Beautiful Girl on her BIG day!!

Chloe Dawn Simpson's 1st Day of School

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